World to UK USB (1.500261)
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€23.90 inc. VAT

If you are planning a trip to see the Queen in London, or taking a road trip through the Scottish Highlands, this country adapter will be the perfect companion, with the added bonus of a USB port.

  • Suitable even for powerful devices such as laptops and travel hairdryers
  • Applicable in many countries: England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Cyprus, Malta, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Seychelles and many more. For details, please check out our country list
  • 1 x USB port easily charges a smartphone, tablet or other USB devices  

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World to UK USB (1.500261)

Technical Specifications

  • Designed in Switzerland
  • Suitable for equipment with earthed & unearthed plugs (2- & 3-pole) and USB devices
  • Input plugs: Euro, Australia/China, UK, USA/Japan, Switzerland, Italy, Brazil
  • Output plugs: UK
  • Input voltage: 100 V – 250 V
  • Max. load: 13 A
  • Power rating: e.g. 100 V – 1300 W / 250 V – 3250 W
  • USB output: 5 V / 2.4 A
  • Does not convert voltage

Skross World to UK USB